Relocation programme is now closed

Relocation is the procedure of transferring international protection applicants from Italy and Greece to another country of the European Union, which will be responsible in effect for the examination of the asylum application.

  1. The applicant must be a citizen of one of the following countries: Syria, Yemen, Eritrea, Qatar, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bhutan, United Arab Emirates, or a stateless person previously residing in one of these countries.
    This list is updated every three (3) months. It was last updated the 1st of July, 2017
  2. The applicant may also be a stateless person, i.e. person without a citizenship, whose previous residence were the aforementioned countries.
  1. You should have already submitted an asylum application in Greece, which means that your full registration is completed
  2. You should have entered Greece after the 16th of June 2015 and until the 19th of March 2016. Anyone who entered Greece after the 20th of march 2016 cannot be included in the program.

Relocation programme is now closed

  1. You can contact the Greek Asylum Service via Skype during the specified days and hours (
  2. Then, an appointment date and place where you must present yourself for your full registration is arranged
  3. You must present yourself at the Regional Asylum Office on the given date in order to state that you wish to relocate to another European country.

The asylum applicant’s card is issued by the Regional Asylum Office (RAO) after the submission of the asylum application (full registration) regardless whether it concerns relocation or family reunion.

No, the asylum applicant’s card is valid until the expiry date as indicated on it. You must visit the Regional Asylum Office a few days before its expiration date in order to renew it.

No. However, you can state whether there is an EU country or countries with which you have social ties. For instance, you can state that you have relatives in a country you wish to relocate to and then submit any relevant documents of your relatives who reside in the country in question. This statement is not binding on the Greek Asylum Service.

The Greek Asylum Service determines the European country where you will relocate taking into account:

  1. the available positions of the countries during the time period your request is examined
  2. if you have relatives in a member state
  3. your language skills
  4. the vulnerability of the applicant

If any members of your extended family (for example your adult brother with his family) are also in Greece and

a)      they have already submitted an application for relocation before you did so or

b)      they wish to submit an application after you have done so

then, the one who submits the application for relocation last, may bring the case number of his/her relative’s application and ask to relocate to the same country.

The Greek Asylum Service does not ensure that you will be sent to the same country. However, if during the processing of your application there are available positions in the country where your relative will relocate to, it is possible that you will be sent to the same country.

Relocation programme is now closed

The relocation application is sent to the Regional Asylum Office of Attica (relocation department) regardless of the Regional Asylum Office it was initially submitted.

The examination of your application starts with an inquiry on three (3) databases available to the Greek Asylum Service, in order to determine if you are wanted or if you have been prosecuted.

In this case, your relocation application will be rejected and your asylum application in Greece will be examined.

You can contact the Police and utilize all the legal procedures (legal remedies) in order to be deleted from the relevant list in case your name was included in it by mistake.

The Greek Asylum Service examines which countries have available positions at the time of your applicationexamination and forwards it to the country which was chosen for your relocation.

We cannot say for sure. The relocation country may request additional information concerning your application before answering. In this case you will be informed by the Greek Asylum Service about the relocation country. Then, you will have to show up at the embassy of that country where you will be asked further questions or you will go to the competent Regional Asylum Office where an additional interview will take place.

The Greek Asylum Service will inform you verbally that the relocation procedure cannot continue. However, any document relevant to this decision is not shared with you. In this case, the examination of your application for asylum in Greece continues.

If the request for relocation is accepted, the Greek Asylum Service will notify you to present yourself at the Regional Asylum Office of Attica where you will be informed about the destination country and you state whether you wish to relocate to it.

After you have shown up in person at the Regional Asylum Office of Athens you will be given the decision which declares your asylum application in Greece as inadmissible and determines your transfer to another E.U. country which will be responsible for the examination of your application for asylum. In the meantime you must sign a declaration of renunciation from the legal remedies against this decision.

The Greek Asylum Office provides accommodation at hostels or hotels from the moment you reach Athens until the day of your departure to your relocation country.

You have the right to state that you do not wish to relocate to the specific country, in this case, you withdraw your relocation application and then your application for asylum in Greece will be examined.

In that case you will not receivethe decision regarding your relocation application (since you withdraw from it) and the process regarding the examination of your application for asylum in Greece will continue.

You canvisit the web page, using your case number in order to check if a decision has been issued.

Relocation programme is now closed

This time cannot be estimated. It depends on the number of applications in progress in the Asylum Service as well as on the E.U. Member State that will receive you.

The Asylum Service in cooperation with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) will be responsible for all the transfer details.

For more details regarding the relocation program, please check the Asylum Service and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) web pages:πρόγραμμα-μετεγκατάστασης-της-ευρωπαϊκής-ένωσης-relocation

Relocation programme is now closed