Transfer to the third country

After a positive decision is issued, the Greek Asylum Service is responsible for your travel arrangements within six (6) months from the acceptance of the request. Your personal details will be forwarded to a specific travel agency which will issue your tickets.

  1. As an applicant you cannot choose the travel agency, the date, the flight or the air line that you will travel with, as these are arranged solely by the Greek Asylum Service.
  2. The Greek Asylum Service is responsible for issuing and paying for the air tickets,. However, you may choose to cover the travel expenses on your own, so that you can travel earlier; in this case you need to inform the Greek Asylum Service that you wish to do so.

After the air tickets have been issued, you must send two photographs of yours and of every family member that will travel with you, to the National Dublin Unit of the Regional Asylum Office of Attica, in order for the Greek Asylum Service to issue the necessary travel documents. These documents will be sent directly by the Greek Asylum Service to the Police unit located at the airport of your departure. You are advised to write your name and case number on the reverse side of the photographs.

Every person travelling is allowed to carry a suitcase up to 20 kilos and a hand-luggage up to 7 kilos. You cannot carry a suitcase of more than 20 kilos even if it is for two or three persons, otherwise you will be charged with an extra amount of money (for overweight). You may also ask for additional information at the travel agency that will issue your ticket.

On the day of your departure you must appear before the police officer on duty at the Airport of your departure at least two (2) hours before your flight. There, you will be asked to present your asylum applicant’s card. A police officer will escort you to the airplane and will pass your tickets and travel documents to the pilot. When you reach your destination, the pilot will then hand these documents to the police officer of the airport, who will take you (and the rest of the family members you escort). The authorities of the destination country are responsible for giving you directions on how to get to the city where your family member is and usually pays for your travel expenses.

For more information regarding the family reunification process, please check the