Declaration of Marriage

A marriage certificate must be drawn up for the wedding which then has to be registered at the Registry Office of the Municipality where the wedding took place.

The registration should be made by both spouses or by one of them but in this case the other spouse’s identity card has to be presented. In case you a third person is asked to do so on your behalf, he/she must have a power of attorney (Public Notaries Act). 

  • Both spouses’ identity cards or passports. If you are a recognized refugee you need to present the passport and the residence permit. If you are an asylum applicant, you have to presentthe international protection applicant’s card.
  • Marriage declaration. The marriage certificate is signed by the person who had the authority to carry out the marriage (Mayor or Clergyman) and is also signed by the spouses.
  • Deed of determination of child’s last name, only if the last name is not annotated on the -marriage certificate by the person who was authorized to carry out the marriage.
  • Tax Registration Number and Social Security Service Number of both spouses if available.

The marriage must be registered within 40 days in the Registry Office of the place where the marriage took place and a marriage certificate must be drawn up. If you miss this deadline, you will be asked to pay a 100€ fine if you do so within three (3) months and 300€ if you register it after these three (3) months have passed.