You are entitled to basic education (primary school, junior high school) and to further education (secondary, tertiary, recognized certificates, scholarships). Access to the general education system as well as to programs of lifelong training/education is provided to adults who are eligible to national protection under the same regulations that are applicable for the third country legal residents of Greece.

You are entitled to access the Greek educational system under the same regulations which apply to Greek citizens.

For the enrolment of third country minors to Greek schools  all levels  the documents required are the same as the ones that should be provided by Greek nationals. By way of exception, children of citizens of a third country can enrol at public schools with incomplete documentation if:

  1. They are protected by the Greek state as international protection beneficiaries and if they are protection beneficiaries under the High Commissioner of the United Nations
  2. They come from areas where the situation is volatile
  3. They have filed an application for international protection
  4. They are thirdcountry citizens residing in Greece, even if their legal residence has not yet been regulated.

You are entitled to join educational programs in the centre you reside in, according to the requirements set by the programs.