Death - Burial

If it occurs while not at a hospital, you should call a doctor so that a medical certificate of death is issued.If it occurs while at a hospital, the certificate will be issued there.

You should visit the Registry Office of the Municipality where you reside, so that a death certificate is issued.

In order for a death certificate to be issued you should present:

  1. The medical certificate of death signed by a doctor with his/her signature attested for authenticity
  2. The Identity Card (ID) of the diseased (or any other proof of identity)
  3. The ID of the person who registers the death
  4. The Tax Registration Number of the deceased  
  5. The Social Security Number of the deceased

If you do not have all of the above documents it is likely that you will be asked to bring alternative documents.

The Municipality or the Municipal Community or the Local Community of your place of residence.

The burial of the deceased can only take place at the local Public Cemeteries.