You should register the child at the Registry Office of the Municipality where it was born.

Within 10 days after the birth.

If you register it from day 11 to day 100, there’s a EUR 100 fine. From day 100 onward, the fine is EUR 300.

1. The birth certificate issued by the hospital or the clinic, signed by the obstetrician and countersigned by the hospital or the clinic as well as by the person who provided all the informationfor the birth certificate.

2. Either parents’ passport or any other form of identification

3. Both parents’ Tax Registration Number and Social Security Number. In case you do not own any of the above, you have to submit a solemn declaration stating so.

Yes. If there is such a case you must submit:

1. The parents’ marriage certificate (official translation)

2. The family status certificate (official translation).

In this case, the doctor as well as the midwife who delivered the bay must sign the birth certificate.

A) The father

B) The doctor

C) The midwife

D) Whoever was present during the childbirth

E) The mother

F) A representative of the mother but only if she/he has the powerof attorney (Public Notaries Act)

Yes. Both parents must go to the Asylum Service with the newborn to submit an international protection application for the baby. If one of the parents is not in Greece at that time, then the parent who is must do so.

  1. The birth certificate of the newborn baby, and
  2. The asylum applicant’s card of both parents or of the parent who is in Greece and escorts the baby.