“Pre-registration” or “basic registration” is the first procedure that you must go through in Greece in order to submit an asylum application. In order to pre-register you must call the Asylum Service via Skype, so that you give your personal details, state your request whichever that may be (asylum in Greece, family reunification, relocation),  then the date of your full registration is defined (asylum application submission) along with the specific Regional Asylum Office that you will have to present yourself.

Using the link of the Asylum Service  you can find a table with the dates and time you can call and make an appointment.

For more information regarding the pre-registration process, please acess the following links:


For additional information regarding the asylum application process from the Asylum Service, please call at (0030) 2106988660 where you can be assisted in ten (10) languages or visit the Asylum Service web page where you can find all the available information in various languages.

The Asylum Service assisted by an interpreter speaking a language that you understand, will ask you about your name, surname, nationality, education, profession, as well as your place of residence. A photo of you will also be taken.

The Asylum Service officer will then give you a number regarding your pre-registration and will let you know about the specific date that you need to present yourself to the Regional Asylum Office in order to receive your personal pre- registration card. On that day you will also be asked to provide additional personal information and your finger prints will be taken. Please note that even if for any reason, you do not attend your pre- registration appointment, you must go to the Regional Asylum Office for the full registration process the date specified.

If you miss the appointment you should repeat the whole process from the beginning (appointment with the Asylum Service via Skype).

To check the date and time of your appointment for the full-registration process, please check the following link: using the number indicated on your pre-registration card.

The pre- registration card is a threefold leaflet containing the following:

Your personal details, the issuance date of the card, the application submission date, the basic registration number, the full registration number, the expiration date of the card and the Regional Asylum Office.

You need the pre-registration number to contact the Asylum Service for any relevant information, until the day of your full registration.

Pre-Registration Card Sample:

If you were pre-registered through a mobile team of the Asylum Service, then your pre-registration card includes all of the above information apart from the interview date of your full registration. You will be informed about the full registration date viasms. Alternatively, you can check this link:

You must renew your pre-registration card at the Asylum Service offices before its expiry date. The renewal is mandatory is order for your residency to be legal.

The pre-registration card gives you the following rights:

Legal residence permit in Greece until the day you will be fully registered and you will be given the asylum applicant’s card, and as long as you renew your pre-registration card.

-Your minor children can go to school.

-Free movement throughout Greece.

-Free housing in reception centerswithin the mainland of Greece provided there is availability through programs that are implemented occasionally by bodies, organizations and Municipalities. For more information you should contact the competent organizations and bodies.

-Free healthcare and medical care services in public hospitals or reception centers (medical tests, hospitalization, delivery, etc.)

-You do NOT have the right to work in Greece. You will be granted this right after your full registration.

-You do NOT have the right to travel outside Greece.

In case your pre-registration card is lost or stolen, you can ask for a new one to be issued.

First, you will have to go to the Asylum Service to getyour pre-registration number. With this number, you will visit the Police Stationclosest to your residence where you will submit a declaration of loss stating that you have lost your pre-registration card and then you will receive a notarized copy of this declaration of loss. With this document you will go to the Asylum Service the day of your interview, where you will be informed of the new interview day.