Asylum applicant’s card rights

After completing your full registration, you will sign a document which constitutes your request for asylum and you will receive the asylum applicant’s card.

The basic registration card is NOT valid anymore and you have to return it to the Asylum Service.

The asylum applicant’s card is a threefold leaflet where the following details appear: name, surname, father’s name, mother’s name, nationality, birth date and birth place. Also: the address of your residence, issuance and expiration date of your card, the application submission date and the case number.

With your case number you can contact the Asylum Service for any information you wish to get, until the decision about your request is issued.

If you have not received an answer regarding your request until the day your card expires, you must visit to the Regional Asylum Office before it expires to renew it.

Asylum applicant’s card sample copy:

The asylum applicant’s card grants you the following rights:

-Legal residence permit in Greece until the issuance date of the decision regarding your asylum application.

-Your minor children can go to school.

-Free movement throughout Greece.

-Free housing in reception centreswithin the mainland of Greece provided there is availability through programs that are implemented occasionally by bodies, organizations and Municipalities. For more information you should contact the competent organizations and bodies.

-Free healthcare and medical care services in public hospitals or reception centres (medical tests, hospitalization, delivery, etc.).

-The right to work in Greece.

-You do NOT have the right to travel outside Greece.