Application for Asylum in Greece


On the date indicated on your asylum applicant’s card. Please note that you should be there in person.

An Asylum Service employee.

In a language you understand. Therefore, an Asylum Service interpreter will be present to translate to your language everything that will be said throughout the interview.

You will be asked for information related to your Identity Card details, your family status, how you came to Greece, the reasons you left your country of origin or your country of residence, if you are stateless and the reasons you can’t or don’t wish to return to your country.

You may provide any additional documentation or evidence you consider necessary.

Any information obtained through the interview is strictly confidential and it will not be disclosed to the authorities of your country of origin or to your alleged prosecutors,. However, the information can be shared with other Greek authorities.

Yes, the interview may be recorded. A transcript (minutes) including all the questions asked and your replies will be drafted and a report including all your basic arguments and all important evidence provided may be prepared. You will then be informed about its content by the interpreter and sign it alongside with the Asylum Service employee and the interpreter.

If the interview is not audio recorded, you will have to check the text of the transcript with the assistance of the interpreter, verify its content or ask for corrections. This transcript will be signed by you, the Asylum Service employee and the interpreter.

Yes, you may obtain a copy of the transcript and/or the audio tape.

Yes, you can attend the interview accompanied by a lawyer or any other counselor (legal advisor, doctor, psychologist or social worker).


When the decision regarding your application will be issued, the Asylum Service will contact you in order to receive it. You will be contacted based on the contact information you have provided, either by telephone, letter, fax, or e-mail. The Asylum Service must notify the decision to you with the assistance of an interpreter in a language you understand.

If any of your contact details is modified, you should immediately notify the Asylum Service ( .

If you don’t receive the decision or renew the asylum applicant’s card, the Asylum Service will presume that you have received the decision one working day after the expiration date of your asylum applicant’s card.

For more information regarding the international protection application process at first instance, please check the Asylum Service web page:


If your application is rejected, or if the decision grants you subsidiary protection and you believe that you are entitled to refugee status, you have the right to appeal to the Independent Appeals Committee.

There are specific forms that you are required to fill in, stating the reasons you contest the first instance decision. Although you may do this by yourself, you are strongly advised to consult a lawyer to file the appeal on your behalf.

The appeal must be filed within the deadline mentioned in the decision, which starts the day after its receipt.


The procedure has to be in writing and there are two possibilities:

  1. the Committee will examine your appeal based solely on the evidence on your file
  2. the Committee may contact you for an additional hearing

The Appeals Committee may call you in the following cases:

  1. When alongside your appeal you are also contesting the decision for withdrawal of the international protection status
  2. When there are issues or doubts raised concerning the completeness of the interview that took place during the full registration process
  3. If you have submitted serious additional evidence regarding new incidents
  4. If your case is considered particularly complicated
  5. If you have submitted a relevant application at least two (2) days before the examination of your appeal


In case the Independent Appeals Committee decides to call you for a hearing, you will be notified at least five (5) working days before the date of the hearing.

You have the right to attend the interview accompanied by a lawyer or any other counsellor.

Yes, even if you do not present yourself before the Appeals Committee, the examination of your appeal will proceed.

The Appeals Committee may think that you are not interested in the examination of your appeal (silent withdrawal) and therefore reject it, if you:

  1. refuse to provide information requested by the Greek Authorities, which are important to your application
  2. do not comply with any of your obligations the Police has imposed on you instead of detaining you
  3. leave the place of residence which has been determined for you by the Authorities without any notification
  4. flee the country without asking permission from the Asylum Service
  5. fail to inform the Asylum Service regarding any change in your contact details
  6. do not contact the Appeals Committee if you have been asked to do so
  7. do not renew your card within the next working day after its expiry date

Yes, if your appeal is rejected or if you are granted subsidiary protection status while you believe that you are entitled to a refugee status, you can appeal for an annulment against the Administrative Court of Appeals of Athens within sixty (60) days. The application must be submitted by a lawyer.

No, this application does not have an automatic suspensive effect, so your departure from the country is possible. In order to postpone your deportation from Greece you will have to file an application of annulment as well as an application for suspension of deportation, until the decision regarding your application of annulment is issued.

Yes, you may withdraw it at any stage of the procedure. In order to do so you must present yourself at the Regional Asylum Office where you first submitted it and withdraw it in writing. In such a case, your application will not be examined and you will have to leave the country if you are not in possession of any other title of residence permit.

For more information on applications of withdrawal from international protection status, please check the Asylum Service web page: